Job opportunity at Turbine AI, Budapest

Principal Scientist, Computational Chemistry, Turbine AI;
Job location: Budapest ;

Starting date Q2 2022;

Status: Full-time ;

Industry Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical

Contractual status: Employee;

Turbine AI is a foremost innovative start-up company deploying AI technologies to push the boundaries of next generation drug discovery. We welcome candidates who are willing to develop cutting-edge ideas for our newly formed in vitro laboratory thereby contributing to the diversity and excellence of our community.

About the role
You’ll join our Drug Discovery Team that is responsible to run Turbine’s drug discovery efforts. As a principal scientist in computational chemistry, you’ll be working with medicinal chemists and biologists to support the design of novel bioactive molecules and future potential drugs.

You’ll be actively supporting the target prioritization process with your structural biology skills in order to select the most promising targets for modulation.

Your tasks will also include using various computational tools for running virtual screening campaigns (both ligand-based and structure-based), compound property prediction, and assessing new cheminformatics software regarding their potential impact on drug discovery workflows at Turbine.

Key responsibilities
• Work effectively in a multidisciplinary team to evaluate and prioritize new disease targets using computational and in particular binding site detection methods (based on both experimental and predicted protein structural information)
• Apply ligand-based and structure-based drug design approaches at all stages of the drug discovery pipeline
• Develop computational methods and workflows to support drug discovery projects
• Interact proactively with the medicinal chemistry team as well as external organizations to drive compound design
• Evaluate new computational techniques for applicability in company processes
• Documentation of work in written form, and oral presentation of results

What we offer
• Cutting-edge in vitro target validation technology – with potential of publishing
• Unique in silico-in vitro bioplatform
• Place to develop and materialize own ideas, with creativity being the only limiting factor
• Dynamic interdisciplinary and international team of biologists, MDs, data scientists, developers and world class scientific advisory board
• Competitive salary (EUR/HUF) and support for professional development
• Relocation package if needed

About you
• Degree in a life science or computer science discipline (PhD preferred)
• Post-degree experience in a crossfunctional drug discovery environment (preferably in pharmaceutical industry) applying various methods of computeraided drug discovery to advance drug discovery projects
• Experience with state-of-the-art modelling techniques and software packages
• Broad understanding of chemical, biological and pharmacological data
• Ability to communicate compound design ideas and strategies fluently and clearly
• Able to work within a multi-disciplinary team to define a path forward
• Excellent communicator, especially when working with colleagues from other specialities
• Ability to work alone and mentor others, results-oriented thinking-
• A habit to create comprehensible but scientifically accurate documentations
• People management experience either in the academia or in the industry
• A strong external network of contacts across industry and academia to engage in ideas and knowledge share

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