Spring 2017 Meeting – slides available

The Spring 2017 meeting was held at Syngenta, Jealott’s Hill, Berkshire on 26 April 2017.

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Speaker Time Title
***Registration*** 08:30
***Opening Remarks*** 09:45
Stephanie Ashenden

University of Cambridge

10:00 Innovation in Small-Molecule-Druggable Chemical Space: Where are the Original Modulators of New Targets and New Bioactive Molecular Frameworks Published? A Comparison between Patents and Scientific Literature
Jack Scannell

UBS Investment Research

10:30 Damn the compass, full steam ahead: Decision theory and drug discovery
***Coffee*** 11:00
Matt Segall


11:30 Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Good Decision-Making in Drug Discovery
Paul Leeson

Paul Leeson Consulting Ltd.

12:00 Impact of Physicochemical Properties on Oral Drug Dose & Hepatotoxicity
***Poster Flash Presentations*** 12:30
***Lunch*** 12:45
Leen Kalash

University of Cambridge

14:00 Rational Design of Multi-target ligands at A1R, A2AR and PDE10A with Therapeutic Potential for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Josh Meyers


14:30 Mapping the 3D Structures of Small Molecule Binding Sites
***Coffee*** 15:00
Chris Radoux


15:30 Fragment Hotspot Maps: A CSD-derived Method for Hotspot identification
Joanna Zarnecka

Liverpool John Moores University

16:00 Optimization of shape fingerprints for protein-ligand systems
***Final Remarks*** 16:30
***End*** 16:45