Spring Meeting 1998

Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Alderley Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK


  • Phil Arundal (Zeneca, UK)
    Use of Animal Data to Predict Kinetics in Man using Physiological Models
  • Chris Murray and Tim Auton (Proteus, UK)
    Use of Bayesian Methods to improve the quality of an empirical scoring function for predicting binding energy
  • Martin Bayliss (Glaxo-Welcome, UK)
    The Application of Multiple Compound (N in one) pharmacokinetic studies in modifying our approach to the drug discovery and lead optimisation process
  • Martin Brown (Institute of Speech and Intelligent Systems, Southampton University, UK)
    Fuzzy and Neurofuzzy Method
  • Clair Ginn (Dept of Information Studies Sheffield University, UK)
    The Application of Data Fusion to Similarity Searching of Chemical Databases
  • Mike Stubbins (Glaxo-Welcome, UK)
    Genetic polymorphisms in human drug metabolising enzymes: The identification, verification and possible consequences of single nucleotide substitutions on enzymatic function and on disease susceptibility