Autumn Meeting 1997

Astra Charnwood
Loughborough, Leicester


  • John Comer (Sirius Analytical Instruments, UK)
    Attempts to correlate logP values in octanol and liposomes measured by the pH-metric technique with biological absorption data
  • Darren Flower (Astra Charnwood, UK)
    What is diversity?
  • Jon Malpass (University of Portsmouth, UK)
    Further adventures in continuum regression
  • Ulf Norinder (Astra Pain Control, UK)
    The application of theoretically computed MolSurf parameters to QSAR/QSPR investigations
  • Colin Reddrop (Astra Charnwood, UK)
    Welcome to Astra Charnwood
  • Dennis Smith (Pfizer Central Research, UK)
    Physicochemical properties and pharmacokinetics in drug discovery
  • David Mills and Ian Wakeling (Institute of Food Research, UK)
    New developments in multivariate statistics for QSAR
  • Han van de Waterbeemd (Hoffman-La Roche, UK)
    The use of computed physicochemical properties for the optimisation of oral absorption and membrane penetration