Computational Chemist, OMass, Oxford


OMass Technologies specializes in applying state-of-the-art native mass spectrometry
platforms to characterizing challenging protein assemblies, including membrane proteins. By
preserving the structures of protein assemblies we provide novel structural insights into
large, dynamic complexes. The company vision is to build a drug discovery company with
these technologies at its core.

We are seeking an experienced Computational Chemist to join the growing research team at
OMass to support the company’s discovery programmes. This is an exciting opportunity to
undertake an extremely dynamic and diverse role within a new biotechnology spin-out
company from the laboratory of Professor Carol Robinson at the University of Oxford. The
company offers a thriving and creative environment for a well-suited candidate to be
exposed to drug discovery and development processes and state-of-the-art technology
developments. You will acquire extensive knowledge of the company’s operations and
become an integral part of our future vision.

At OMass you will join a team of enthusiastic and dynamic scientists with a shared passion
for building a world-leading drug discovery company using an exciting and powerful set of
technologies. Following a recent successful fund-raising exercise, the company is expanding
significantly in different areas and currently in the process of moving to a new building at
the Oxford Science Park. This is an excellent time to join a growing company.

The successful candidate will have worked in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company,
collaborating with medicinal chemists and pharmacologists to identify and optimize small
molecule chemical drug leads. You will have experience with protein-based and ligand-based
design methods. Experience with drug discovery for GPCR targets is preferable, but
not essential.

The preferred candidate will have the following profile:

• A PhD in medicinal chemistry or a related topic
• 5+ years’ experience in drug discovery in an industry setting (pharmaceutical or
biotech company)
• Demonstrated track record of contribution to drug discovery programs

Role Responsibilities

• Participate as a member of project teams, actively contributing to the success of the
company’s drug discovery programs;
• Build a fit-for-purpose computational chemistry function, including selection of
appropriate hardware and software;
• Build models of membrane receptor targets, including GPCRs;
• Perform virtual screening against structural models of targets;
• Design and procure target-focused & lead-focused libraries;
• Design and procure fragment libraries, suitable for screening by native mass
• Develop a strategy for using mass spec-derived fragment-binding data to construct
focused screening libraries;
• Implement and administer an electronic laboratory notebook system;
• Establish a data management system for research data, including chemical structures
and assay data (mass spec & biological), as a support tool for scientific decision making.

Applicants should provide a full CV with a list of their publications to date, contact details for
2 referees and a cover letter describing their compatibility with position required to

OMass Technologies values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity, we also
have full responsibility to ensure that all employees are eligible to work and live in UK.

Job Type:Full-time