Posters at the Joint UKQSAR / Physchem Forum meeting

No Poster Author
1 Using in silico ADME models to predict human NOAELs Mark Wenlock
2 How QSAR models can be used to the biological activity of NEW Psychoactivity Substances (NPS) Michelle Botha
3 Prediction of ADME properties Taravat Ghafourian
4 Pharmacophore Extraction from Matched Molecular Pair Analysis (MMPA) Jessica Stacey
5 Interplay between Ketoconazole Cocrystal Supersaturation and Trans-membrane Flux
Behavior in Simulated Intestinal Fluids
Steve Stones
6 Sulfurisation of Oligonucleotides James Scotson
7 Mechanistic In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation (IVIV_E) of Dissolution within a PBPK Framework Bo Liu
8 Which is the best fingerprint for medicinal chemistry? Noel O’Boyle
9 Determination of hydrogen bonding properties using log P measurements in different solvent-water systems Rebeca Ruiz
10 Provisionally MS sample prep using AC extraction plate technology Matthew Webb
11 Controlled suspensions as a method for small scale dissolution profiling of poorly soluble compounds Christel Bergström
12 Predicting drug disposition in human using molecular properties Mohammed Atari
13 Melting point prediction using large data sets made possible by text mining Daniel Lowe
14 N-in-one CYP inhibition assay with hepatocytes and plasma Juho Hokkanen
15 Application of spectral and diffusion geometry to 3D molecular surface description Matthew Seddon
16 Examining the diversity of large collections of building blocks in 3D Paolo Tosco
17 Multivariate analysis of molecular descriptors to improve DMPK profile of an anti-Leishmania chemical series. David Cebrian
18 Fast pKa screening starting from 5μL of 10mM DMSO stock Karl Box