Spring 2016 Meeting Joint meeting with Physchem Forum

In spring 2016, the UKQSAR group is going to join up with the PhysChem Forum to put on a joint meeting to be hosted by GSK. Day One of the meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn in Stevenage and will begin after lunch with an afternoon session. An evening session with a  Plenary lecture and Symposium dinner will complete the day.

The second day will be held at the GSK Medicines Research site will follow a format more familiar to UKQSAR meeting attendees with a morning and afternoon session interspersed with coffee and lunch during which posters will be on display.

The date will be March 15th / 16th 2016 at GSK Stevenage Hertfordshire.

The Registration Form is now available for download and completion. Registration deadline extended to Monday 29th  February 2016.

To register for the Symposium Dinner please see this Symposium Dinner registration Information. Pre Registration is neccessay.

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Tuesday March 15th 2016

From To Location Activity
12:30 01:30 Holiday Inn Stevenage Registration
01:30 01:40 HIS Welcome and house rules
01:40 02:20 HIS Jan Kihlberg – Uppsala University

Charting the unknown – novel targets and oral bioavailability beyond the rule of 5

02:20 03:00 HIS Pat Barton Nottingham University

The interplay between OATP1B1, BSEP and MRP4 in Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI)

03:00 03:30 HIS Coffee & Networking
03:30 04:10 HIS Rasmus Leth(TBC) – Optibrium

Which P450: Predicting Which Cytochrome P450 Isoforms are involved in the Metabolism of a Xenobiotic

Please contact Rasmus Leth [] for copy of the slides

04:10 05:00 HIS Student Presentations:

Natalia Aniceto – Medway School of Pharmacy

Improved Applicability Domain Determination of QSAR Models Using Local Mapping: Reliability-Density Neighbourhood (RDN)

Max Robinson – University of Loughborough

CAD quantification in Physical Chemistry

05:00 05:05 HIS Wrap up
Session 2 Chair:
06:00 06:30 Holiday Inn Stevenage Drinks reception & late Registration
06:30 07:30 HIS Plenary Lecture – Mike Hann GSK

Moving beyond Molecular Obesity and the other addictions in drug discovery

08:00 10:00 HIS Symposium Dinner

Wednesday March 16th 2016

From To Location Activity
 GSK Stevenage Arrive at GSK
08:30 09:00 PFA Ash &Elm late registration & poster setup
09:00 09:10 GSK Lecture theatre Robin Carr – GSK STV Site Head


09:10 09:50 GSK Lecture theatre Susanne Winniwater – AZ Molndal

In silico models to estimate a drugs brain penetration likeliness

09:50 10:30 GSK Lecture theatre David Livermore – Takeda

Design of a Focussed CNS Screening Library at Takeda

10:30 11:00 PFA Ash &Elm Coffee & Poster viewing
11:00 11:40 GSK Lecture theatre Mike Hann

Measuring drug uptake in cells – from high throughput to imaging Mass Spectrometry

11:40 12:00 GSK Lecture theatre Graeme Robb – AZ

DOE for SAR: Design of Experiments for Structure Activity Relationships

12:00 12:20 GSK Lecture theatre Flash Poster session – click to see listing
12:20 01:40 PFA Ash &Elm lunch & Poster viewing
Session 4 Chair:
01:40 02:20 GSK Lecture theatre David Palmer – Strathclyde Uni

PhysChem Property Prediction from Molecular Theories of Solvation

02:20 03:00 GSK Lecture theatre Sarah Whalley from Syngenta

Are Agrochemical Compounds really any different to Pharmaceuticals?

03:00 03:30 PFA Ash &Elm Best Poster Award, coffee & poster viewing
03:30 04:10 GSK Lecture theatre Steve Charlton – Nottingham Uni

Stuck in the membrane with you: The influence of drug- phospholipid interactions on receptor pharmacology

04:10 04:50 GSK Lecture theatre Dr Taravat Ghafourian -University of Sussex

Physicochemical factors controlling drug distribution in the body.

Dr Andrius Sazonovas, ACD/Labs

Smart Structure Design: employing physchem insights in virtual lead optimization.

04:50 05:00 GSK Lecture theatre Wrap up and Depart