Autumn 2015 meeting: Cresset

Cresset is pleased to be hosting the UK QSAR autumn meeting at the AirSpace Conference Centre, Duxford. After the meeting delegates will have the opportunity to visit the exhibits in the Imperial War Museum.

To register for this event please go to the following link –

5th October

7:30                Dinner (Saffron Brasserie, Cambridge)

6th October:

9:15 Registration
9:45 Welcome Rob Scoffin, Cresset

Session 1              Protein-ligand interactions (Chair: Rob Scoffin, Cresset)

10:00 Polyphony: superposition independent methods for ensemble-based drug discovery Will Pitt, UCB
10:30 Under the Hood: Dealing with Protein Structures for Molecular Design Matthias Rarey, University of Hamburg
11:00 Flash presentations
11:15 Break and posters
11:45 Summarizing activity and selectivity in one picture Mark Mackey, Cresset
12:15 Generation of toxicity alerts and solutions from public data using matched molecular pair analysis (MMPA) Lauren Reid, MedChemica
12:45 History of Imperial War Museum Duxford David Lee, IWM Duxford
1:00 Lunch and posters
2:00 Toward an Understanding of the GPCR-ligand Interactions Alex Heifetz, Evotec
2:30 Big is not Best – Maximum Common Substructure-based Similarity Searching Ed Duesbury, University of Sheffield
3:00 Break and posters
3:30 MOARF, an Integrated Workflow for Multiobjective Optimization Nick Firth, Institute of Cancer Research
4:00 A novel docking methodology for membrane proteins Kiyoyuki Omoto, Pfizer Neusentis
4:30 Closing remarks and poster prize
5:00 Close | Delegates are free to view the museum exhibits until 6:00