A Note of Introduction from our Hosts for the Spring 5015 Meeting – Lhasa UK Ltd

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Thierry Hanser, Lhasa UK Ltd

Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit, registered charity that promotes the use of computer aided reasoning in chemistry and the life sciences. We provide decision support tools for our members involved in the investigation of toxicology, metabolism and degradation.

A pioneer in the production of knowledge based systems for forward thinking scientists, Lhasa Limited continues to draw on over 30 years of experience to create user-friendly, state of the art in silico prediction and database systems.

Lhasa Limited’s software solutions include Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexus for predicting toxicity, Vitic Nexus for managing chemical information, Meteor Nexus for predicting metabolic fate and Zeneth for predicting forced degradation pathways. Lhasa also works with the wider scientific community on EU funded collaborative projects to advance understanding of in silico toxicology and metabolism. Lhasa actively seeks strategic projects with members and others, typically providing secure systems for the management of proprietary data, as well as the scientific expertise to interpret the data for computer modelling.

Throughout our history, Lhasa Limited has provided a framework to enable members to contribute knowledge to the development and refinement of structure-activity relationships in their field of interest, without compromising the confidentiality of their proprietary data. Today, Lhasa Limited continues to enable organisations to pool their resources, both financial and intellectual, for the benefit of the entire membership and the public at large. Lhasa Limited involves the membership as much as possible in all aspects of development; running frequent research activities that brings members together for discussion sessions or invites them individually to offer their opinions and preferences in regard to specific development issues. In this way, member needs and wants remain the driving force behind continued development.

Lhasa Limited was founded on the principle of collaboration and we strongly believe in ‘Shared Knowledge, Shared Progress’. Our not–for–profit, member driven status is designed to facilitate collaborative working and pre-competitive data sharing between organisations, achieving the greatest possible advantage from data that may otherwise be inaccessible. We run collaborative projects with industry, academia and regulatory bodies to continually advance predictive science for the public benefit.

Examples of our collaborations include:

  • As a central contributor to eTOX through hosting and managing confidential data shared by the major pharmaceutical companies.
  • With recognised expertise in chemical databases and data sharing projects, Lhasa Limited has contributed to the EU MIP-Drug Induced Liver Injury project through curation and hosting of commercially sensitive data.
  • Leading and support of cross-company learning through pre-competitive data sharing. These include excipients, intermediates, aromatic amines and aryl boronic acids.

Such collaborations often involve the sharing of sensitive intellectual property which Lhasa Limited has consistently been trusted to hold and use in the by some of the largest companies in the scientific industry resulting in new knowledge that can be used by Lhasa’s entire membership.

Becoming a member of Lhasa Limited presents a valuable opportunity to enter into a dialogue with other member organisations sharing common goals towards mutual benefits. Members are recognised as part of an internationally respected collaboration supporting the global scientific community in its efforts to improve human health, protect the environment and reduce animal testing.

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Head Offices: Granary Wharf House 2 Canal Wharf LS11 5PS, Leeds, United Kingdom

Web site: http://www.lhasalimited.org