Spring 2015 (Lhasa, Leeds)

Thursday 21st May 2015 is the date for Spring 2015 meeting (Lhasa, Leeds)



09:00 -09:30 Registration and coffee
09:30-09:45                               WelcomeAndrew Leach (UK-QSAR) ,Dave Watson (Lhasa Limited)

Toxicology Session (chair: Thierry Hanser, Lhasa Limited)

09:45-10:15 Improving predictions of Ames mutagenicity by correcting unbalanced training data.Jonathan Vessey, Lhasa Limited
10:15-10:45                               Use of Read-Across in Filling Data Gap for Assessments.Nora Aptula, Unilever
10:45-11:00 Poster Flash presentations
11:00-11:30                           Coffee Break / Posters
11:30-12:00                        Identification of novel anti-convulsant drugs using a larval zebrafish model.Simon Hand, University of Sheffield
12:00-12:30                               Towards an MIE atlas – Tools for toxicity prediction.Tim Allen, University of Cambridge
12:30-13:30                            Lunch & Poster

Metabolism Session (chair: Carol Marchant, Lhasa Limited)

Combining an expert system with machine learning to rank metabolites
Edward Rosser, Lhasa Limited
14:00-14:30 Drug Metabolism Prediction: Experiment and/or Computation?Johannes Kirchmair, University of Hamburg
14:30-15:00 Coffee Break / Poster
15:00-15:30 Using QSAR for metabolic network completion and metabolic engineeringJean-Loup Faulon, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
15:30-16:00                           Panel Discussion(chair: Chris Barber, Lhasa Limited)
16:00-16:30                               Closing remarks / Poster prize


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