Autumn 2014: CCDC Cambridge

Photos from this event can no w be viewed at the following webpage – credited to “Nathan Pitt, University of Cambridge”.

UK–QSAR conference-8034 Click on Photo to enlarge

The Autumn 2014 UKQSAR meeting will take place in Cambridge on September 30th , full details including travel, accommodation and the evening meal the night  before can be found here

To register for this event please fill in the registration form. If subsequently you find that you are not able to attend please inform the organizers using this email address

09:00-09:30         REGISTRATION

09:30-09:45         UK-QSAR GROUP BUSINESS / WELCOME

09:45-10:15         Jason Cole, CCDC; “Generating Small Molecule Conformations from Structural Data” Download pdf

10:15-10:45         Yi Mok, ICR; “Increasing the coverage of medicinal chemistry-relevant space in fragment screening” Download pdf

10:45-11:00         POSTER FLASH TALKS

11:00-11:30         TEA / COFFEE / POSTERS

11:30-12:00         Yasaman Kalantar Motamedi, University of Cambridge; “Drug Repositioning by Merging Gene Expression Data Analysis and Cheminformatics Target Prediction Approaches”. Download pdf

12:00-12:30         Samuel Webb, Lhasa; “Feature combinations networks with statistical (Q)SAR models: interpretation and knowledge mining” Download pdf

12:30-13:00         Noel O’Boyle, NextMove Software, and Jonas Bostrom, AstraZeneca; “Evidence-based Medicinal Chemistry using Matched Molecular Series” Download pdf

13:00-14:00         LUNCH / POSTERS

14:00-14:30         Alicia Higuerelo, University of Cambridge; “What can we learn from the evolution of protein-ligand interactions to aid design of new therapeutics?” Download pdf

14:30-15:00         Andrea Bortolato, Heptares; “Decoding the role of solvent in ligand-protein binding kinetics” Download pdf

15:00-15:30         Gerard Van Westen, EBI; “Physicochemical Property Trends in Allosteric and Orthosteric Binders and their Predicted Presence in Chemical Databases” Download pdf