Spring Meeting 2014: Eli Lilly

1)      Spring 2014 – Eli Lilly   – 29 April 2014.

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The directions to the Lilly site can be found here:  A list of Hotels can be found here

UK-QSAR & Cheminformatics Group Meeting 29th April 2013

Start End Topic Speaker
9:00 9:30 Registration
Session 1


9:30 9:35 Group Business

Andrew Leach

9:35 9:45 Lilly Welcome
9:45 10:30 The cellular uptake of pharmaceutical drugs is transporter mediated, and thus a problem not of biophysics but of systems biology: drug/metabolite transporters as a focus of systems pharmacology. Douglas Kell (University of Manchester)


10:30 11:00 System-wide approaches in target identification and drug discovery. Suzanne Brewerton (Lilly)


11:00 11:30 Tea/Coffee
11:30 12:00 Cheminformatics approaches for explaining and predicting the phenotypic effects of molecules. Georgios Drakakis (University of Cambridge)


12:00 12:15 Poster FlashCards
12:15 12:45 New in silico approaches to support the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients. Andrea Richarz (Liverpool John Moores University)
12:45 2:00 Lunch/Posters
Session 2 (Chair)
2:00 2:30 Reactions: baby steps in data exploitation. Nick Tomkinson (AstraZeneca)


2:30 3:00 Compound design using reaction networks. James Wallace (University of Sheffield)


3:00 3:30 Open source tools for querying and organizing large reaction databases. Greg Landrum (Novartis)


3:30 4:00 Final Remarks & Meeting Close                      Tea & Coffee